What does United Legacy Stand for? 

At United Legacy, we are determined to change the face of Homeowners, Property Owners, and Condominium Association Management. We know that with dedication people will start to love and trust the communities that we serve and the ones they live in. 


What does HOA the Right way mean? 

Over the years Management Companies have become more profit-driven vs people driven, United Legacy is determined to change that.


HOA'ing the right way, is about partnering with a company that not only understands State and Federal Laws but also your community. Every community is very unique and should be treated that way. To us, to HOA'ing the right way is just another way of saying we will be here for you, for your neighbors and for your community.

Management Services

At United Legacy, we have one focus and that is Association Management, no brokerage, no rental property management, no conflicts of interest, just the very best Association management.  

So, how do you HOA the right way? 

The first step is to always put the client first. We offer a wide variety of services that will help your association run as smoothly as possible such as All- inclusive service packages,  24/7 year around emergency assistance, FREE annual in-house audits,  27/7 year around access to financials including invoices, Board training, and education, and so much more! 

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