What does United Legacy Stand for? 

At United Legacy, we are determined to change the face of Association Management. We know that with dedication people will start to love and trust the communities that we serve and the ones they live in. 


What does HOA the Right way mean? 

Our company is built on our DCCR'S - Dedication, Community, Communication, and Responsibility, we pride ourselves on dedicating ourselves to the communities that we serve, we understand that communication is key, and our sense of responsibility to our clients is unsurpassed. Everything from who the manager will be, to contract terms are centered around each association's unique needs. 

Our clients

Our clients are our first priority. Providing quality means a commitment to Association Management. You won't find an in-house maintenance company, realtor services, or any other conflicts of interest. 

Whom we serve

-Single Family Associations

-Condominium Associations

- Property Owners Associations

Community management is what we do. From a four-unit condo to a 500 home neighborhood association, you can feel confident that our focus will be on your community management.


We offer a wide variety of services that will help your association run as smoothly as possible such as All-inclusive service packages,  24/7 year-round emergency assistance, 27/7 year-round access to financials including invoices, Board training, and education, and so much more! 

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